Brunch, Budgets and Black Walls

It was 2018. After 10 years, we finally saved up enough money to buy a house! A duplex. Upstairs is amazing. Downstairs, outside of one bedroom, is used as a throwaway. A mandatory entry point. There is a small kitchen and washer / dryer that only guests use. It’s filled with storage of vacuum cleaners […]

Live and Let Dye. (Or, Live and Rit Dye?)

With shoes or guys, I’m pretty convinced that there is no such thing as the perfect one. And, it’s fun and sometimes tiresome, to try a bunch on. But when you find one that’s close, you just know it. With shoes, the day that you find them – your entire day is better. You daydream […]

How I Made A Repurposed Elevated Raised Garden Bed

I’ve never made a raised garden bed. I definitely never made an elevated raised garden bed. I don’t own a drill, electric saw, deck nails, extra wood, or horses; whether plastic horses needed to cut the wood or real horses to help me find find some. I didn’t have anything but determination, a sunny day, […]

3 Minute Fix – Updated TV Cabinet

This is my version of the Tasty microwave molten cake or any of their easy and sometimes gross recipes. Because sometimes you just want it quick, dirty, cheap and it doesn’t have to be hard. Wait – we’re still talking about furniture, right? No matter how organized a home, I think that everyone has a junk […]