What's Old Is New

3 Minute Fix – Updated TV Cabinet

This is my version of the Tasty microwave molten cake or any of their easy and sometimes gross recipes.

Because sometimes you just want it quick, dirty, cheap and it doesn’t have to be hard. Wait – we’re still talking about furniture, right?

No matter how organized a home, I think that everyone has a junk drawer or some catch all space or nightstand. In our house, one area has been the TV cabinet. One could justifiably argue that no one should have a TV Cabinet in 2021, but I have had it for years and just haven’t let it go. I also have a landline phone. Lots of issues for us to work through at some point.

My cookbooks, my son’s XBox games, an errant DVD… all have found an undisturbed home here. The problem is that the doors are glass and so everyone can see them in their habitat. I had some leftover wallpaper from this wardrobe project and some poster board. So, I just applied the paper to the poster board and attached the poster board to inside of the glass. (I framed it with black electrical tape to seamlessly fit the frame with no white showing.)

Three minutes. Three common ingredients. (Wallpaper, Poster board, Electrical Tape.) A fun new look that can be switched out as quickly as it started.

Beat that, Tasty.

Xoxo – TT